The groundswell inside your company

Okay, so in previous posts I discussed using groundswell to communicate with customer. Today, I will be discussing how you can tap the groundswell to connect with your employees. To start off, note that the bigger your company the more complexity you face in terms of communication and information flow.000000000.png

Strategies for nurturing the internal groundswell:

The most important thing is to understand that internal groundswell is all about creating relationships where people can connect and work together. In order to nurture the groundswell power of your employees you need a culture that supports listening, participating and empowering employees.

Listening: Integrating internal social applications require a high level of trust because employees are opening up about their opinions. Internal groundswell is effective only when management is listening. You cannot expect your employees to participate in the social networking tools if managers are not being involved as well. Thus, company’s groundswell thinking does not come with no effort.  It takes a contribution of executive time and sponsorship to nurture it, support it, and market it.

Participating: although establishing a good culture and engaged management team is beneficial, but that it is not enough to achieve a better communication goal. Internally, the inactives reduce the participation level and limit the creativity in ideas. Identifying the level of participation required is based on the application you are using. In other words, some applications require full participation to work while others work fine with few collaborators.

  • How to goose participation?

Companies should look for ways to encourage participation rather than forcing employees to join. One way to promote participation is to make accommodations for the applications used to turn it into valuable tool. Another is to select the right technologies for tam work (Wiki over Blog).

Encouraging: the first step of groundswell thinking is to find your rebels. One that is done, it is the manager’s job to direct the rebels’ energy productively. This includes providing them with political and technical resources. By doing so, they discover where in the organization change can take place quickly and where it will be resisted. Thus, you need to provide them with full support by letting them try things out and learn from their mistakes. Then, use your management experience to notice what is working well and duplicate that.,.png

Culture and relationships trump technologies

My last tip for you is to keep in mind that the secret to thriving in the internal groundswell is culture. Thus, do not focus on the implementation of the technology as much as you do for managing and changing the way the organization work. Here, I’m talking about the change that needs active participation of top levels management.

Last but not least, remember that you cannot force employees to adopt the groundswell thinking, but you can provide motives to encourage participation!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading this Blog and found some beneficial information 

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