Tapping the groundswell with Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? Are you looking for a better strategy to use it?…. just keep reading!

People who are not active on Twitter find that updates are limited. However, if you take a closer look you’ll find it richer than you think. It is free, open, connects people, gives them power and most importantly it is simple to use. Of course if you have a Twitter account, you are familiar with the following key words from the Twitter Ecosystem:


Followers: anyone is allowed to follow anyone, unlike other social media platforms.

Hashtags and searches: you can search any Tweet because all updates are public. There is also a special tool (search.twitter.com) where you could look up specific searches. Hashtags (#) are used to indicate key terms that relate to the tweeted topic.

Mentions and retweets: to reply to someone or reference an account Twitter provides @ symbol for this purpose. There is also a “mentions” tab that allows users to discover who is to whom. The retweet option allows users to spread and pass messages to followers.

Links: another way of tweeting is to include a link that you recommend for your followers. This specific feature is what makes the limited space powerful.

Lists: users are able to create lists of followers and sharing the list.

Apps and tools: to make Twitter simple and easy to use, the account contains several useful tools. For example, the TweetDeck tool is a free application that helps users to collect their mentions and searches into columns to make responding easier.

Twitter can serve many objectives


Talking to twitter: everyone can agree that talking on Twitter is really easy!  But it could also be really be boring if you do not offer something interesting.  If your goal is to attract as many followers as possible, you must tweet interesting things that people are willing to repeat for their followers. However, for a successful strategy, you must respond to what others tweet.

Listening to twitter: the number one recommendation regarding Twitter is to listen. Otherwise, you won’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Of course that doesn’t mean that every company should hire a person to watch all the comments. However, you need to make sure that someone is analyzing the trends to discover whether someone is talking about your brand or not.

Energizing with twitter: this is done by finding people who support your products and amplifying their voices on twitter. To do so, you must:  Listen, respond, and retweet to your fans. Also, do not forget to continuously provide them with rich content that they can retweet.

Supporting with twitter: we all know how influential Twitter users could be! If you decide to create a twitter account for your company, make sure you are ready to respond at the time. You cannot leave people with no answers or else they will tweet about you in an undesirable way.

Embracing with twitter: we already know that this is a hard objective to fulfill, but let me tell you: it is even harder to do through Twitter. This is due to the setup of Twitter where you are expected to communicate with your followers using 140 characters at a time.  However, one of the best ways to embrace your tweeting customers is to engage in a dialogue.

Are you planning to be active on Twitter? Here are some lessons:


Lock up your handle: Twitter has a “verified account” program to identify brands and individuals real accounts. Thus, make sure your account is verified and that no one can snap up your Twitter handle.

Listen first: do you already notice how much emphasis we place on listening? It is really crucial to discover what people are tweeting about you before you enter the twitter world.

Be ready to support: people on twitter are expecting you to listen as they complain and support them. Remember, people do not care about your objective, they want to be heard.

Follow others: don’t be scared to reach out to people and follow as many as possible. It means a lot for them.

Be ready for a crisis: when something goes wrong in the company people will immediately turn to your Twitter account for information. Thus, you need a plan to allow your PR people to turn the Twitter handle into an information channel (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 210)

Respond, retweet, and link: an effective Twitter account is one that does all functions of the rich Twitter experience.  Utilize the available tool to best benefit your company.  Respond to tweets, retweet things that matter to you, provide links to materials that your followers might find interesting.

Staff it: there is nothing wrong with turning tweeting into a part of somebody’s job. In fact, it is essential because an unauthorized Twitter account could be risky.

Check with legal and regulatory staff: as I mentioned above, Twitter is a public platform where anyone can post anything. But do not forget that also anyone can search it. So, make sure you don’t post inappropriate materials on your account.

Having gathered a following, don’t waste it! Just think about it. You no longer need to spend excessive amount of money and time to attract followers. Twitter made it so easy for you where you can gather thousands of followers with a short time period. Thus, when you create an account for a specific objective make sure you also create a plan for what to do once you reach your objective.

Remember: Twitter is really powerful, and people using it are really influential so don’t miss on this opportunity.

Here is my Twitter account:  @elsafadi_hanan   feel free to follow me and happy tweeting.


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