Is There a Certain Technique for Your Business to Leverage Social Media? (Hint: it’s not about having an account)


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So, this week I got a chance to read an interesting topic from the Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. This could be helpful for those of you who own a business and wondering how to market their product/service. Also for anyone who wonders how do they get targeted by business to buy their products.


Here is a quick summary of the main statements:

Being active on Social Media pays only when a business focuses on the relationships, not the technologies. Furthermore, to understand and create these relations, one must realize that a strategy that treats everyone alike well result in failure because people aren’t alike and won’t respond in a similar way. Thus, the Social Technographic Profile- method used for grouping people according to the groundswell activities that they participate in- is introduced.

Oh!!!! So a marketing department of a business actually follows a technique for Social Media presence!!  ……… here are some of the tools:


  • Social Technographics Ladder:

This tool represents different groups of social media users. Where each step of the ladder signifies a different category of consumers based on the type of activities and how often they are active.


Note that while the ladder tells you what’s possible with your customer, it doesn’t tell you if they’re open to connecting with your company.

So, why do we care about classifications? To answer this, authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff stated “…But the real power in the Social Technographics Profile is this: with it we can understand how social technologies are being adopted by any group of people. If that group happens to be your customers, you can use their Social Technographics Profile to build an appropriate social strategy” (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

  • Social Technographics Profile:

It is a term used to define a market research analysis tool used to classify the characteristics and behaviors of consumers through the process of market segmentation. Down below is an example of a profile that have been developed and applied to varying demographics of people.



What does it tell us?

  • Helps businesses determine where their target customers fit into the equation
  • Saves owners/managers from investing on the wrong features
  • Identifies new niche to reach out to
  • Takes in consideration that people from different countries use social media differently, yet the desire to connect, create, stay in touch and help is universal.
  • Tell us that even when the participation of a certain group is low, there are still opportunities for a business.
  • Indicated which platform would be best to use in order to reach desired customers.
  • Different age ranges are present on social media in different ways.
  • Makes decision of how/who to target clear by providing the option of compares two variables

Why do people participate in the groundswell?

You may find this question hard to answer because there are so many different yet right answers to it. However, the fundamental reason that justifies our drive to be social is the need to connect. With that being said, the reasons may vary such as: keeping up friendships, making new friends, the altruistic impulse, the creative impulse… and list goes on. Nevertheless, the importance of such analysis doesn’t lie in the users motivations, instead, it is in finding the levers that a business can pull to get their customers and employees to participate in the business.  (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

Let’s us apply this to a real life example:

Assume that my manager at Le Chateau asked me to help her to figure out which Social Media platforms to focus on. As o mentioned before: “Based on the strategies that the store follows as well as the products they sell, I believe that they target both men and women at the age of 25-50”

So the variables are: Age (25-50), Gender (male and female), Country (Canada). Le Chateau would have to focus on Spectators and Joiners in order to reach the desirable potential customers. Thus, they would have to be involved in platforms such as  YouTube, Twitter.



Take away:

To build a successful communication tool via social media you need to understand your audience’s Social Media behaviors and preferences. Thus, using Social Tchnographices Profile is worth the while. “Technographics’ exhaustive data and exceptional service, combined with frameworks such as Social and Mobile Technographics, is helping me save time, stimulate innovation, and sustain our competitive advantage.” Dan Rubin (Executive Director, Digital Strategy, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing).



I found this tool interesting to use and could be very beneficial to businesses as it saves them time and money while they looking for their potential customers. how about you? Have you ever used Social Technographics  Profile in your content planning?



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